The Creator, having finished his work, enclosed the song of all creation in a shell. To prevent the secret from being profaned he hid the shell in the depths of the oceans so that no one could ever find it. Destiny however lured the Water Goddess to it, she followed that sweet melody and discovered the shell.

Quickly she shared its secret with the God of the Earth, her beloved. The bold attempt ended up unleashing the wrath of the creator God who promised to punish them by killing them at dawn the next day. Frightened, the two lovers fled, hiding in the thick of a forest on the top of a mountain.

When the enraged creator found them, he could not bring himself to kill them as they cowered in frightened embrace. He felt that their love was worthy of surviving for eternity so he transformed them into two beautiful trees and concentrated the scent of their passion in their fruits so that the dream of immortality of their love would last forever. The two plants became known as the Coco de Mer.

The God then took the top of the mountain where the two trees stood and placed gently in the middle of the ocean . That then became the paradisiacal island of Praslin in the Seychelles. Since then, the secret of eternal love has hidden in the thrilling scent of the fruits of Coco de Mer. Even today, the Coco de Mer gatherers allow the scent to guide them through the lush vegetation of the Valle de Mai to find the ripened fruits.

A few years ago a craft company, the Island Scent of the Seychelles, decided to let everyone know about this fragrance and for the first time in the world it began extracting the perfume using the female fruit. Respecting nature, the legend of the perfume and eternal love will live forever in the fantastic Seychelles islands